“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” -Winston Churchill


BoPeDo: Tailored Storytelling Apps for All Ages!

After several months of dedicated effort, (with many thanks to Zarak) we have successfully developed a top-tier story generator app, now accessible as a web, Android, and iOS app.

In our pursuit of delivering the finest user experience, and while this is just the basic app and we are only at the beginning of an amazing adventure, we decided that this is the right time for a strategic decision to split this application into two distinct versions – one tailored for children and the other for adults.

This division ensures that we prioritize the safety and appropriateness of content for children, shielding them from potentially unsuitable material. Meanwhile, adults can still enjoy the app’s entertainment value, which extends to genres like romance and horror and more, that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Change is inevitable, and we believe this evolution will elevate the overall user experience. After all, progress is achieved through continuous learning and adaptation.


Winston Churchil loves to read Bopedo generated stories