“I can just use Google Gemini, Chat GPT or Bing Copilot for free.”

Yes. And that’s true of many other AI story generator apps too.

But ours is special! Even Gemini, GPT and Copilot say so.

Have you ever tried to make a story with A.I.? Usually a nice little story comes out, but it’s not quite right. And a curated, personalized story, with correct pictures is even more difficult. You have to provide the right information (prompts) before you have a correct and nice personalized story.

Our app makes that easy and fun. But there’s much more.

  • creating stories with others in different parts of the world, having it read to you,
  • share your story,
  • Your storys stored in your own library,
  • have personalized stories turned into a physical book,
  • sell your stories on Amazone,
  • put you in the stories of 1001 Arabian nights, brothers Grimm or Hans Christian anderson,
  • BopeDo is educational with different fun games. And even more.

According to us:

“The combination of AI-generated personalized stories, with story-related pictures, an intuitive interface, voice-controlled and versatile extras, which use the latest techniques, by listening to users and developing new techniques ourselves based on user experiences, and the option to even be able to buy physical personalized books from BoPeDo (boekmetnaam.nl) and colleagues, makes BoPeDo stand out not only as a tool for learning writing and reading or for creating and telling stories, but also as a dynamic partner in creativity.”

We differentiate ourselves in the large amount of extras the app offers, but most importantly we differentiate ourselves in the personalization options. You make the story completely personal.

Alos…, as many as 250 million children worldwide lack access to education, depriving them of the essential skills of reading and writing. We believe that giving these children reading and writing skills promotes mutual understanding, encourages personal growth and paves the way for a more just and harmonious world. By using our app, you help us help these children. (UN NEWS)

But above all, the BoPeDo story generator app is FUN!

But since we make use of A.I.,

let’s see what Chat GPT, Googles Gemini/Bard and Microsofts Copilot say, when we ask the question: 

What sets BoPeDo apart from other story generators?

    According to Chat GPT:

    1. Personalized Content: BoPeDo allows users to personalize stories based on their own preferences, experiences, or personal data. This means each story can be unique and tailored to the specific reader.

    2. Diverse Audiences: Unlike some story generators that may target a specific age group or genre, BoPeDo serves a broad audience, including both adults and children.

    3. Downloadable Content: Users can download the generated stories, which is convenient for offline reading or sharing with others.

    4. Interactive Features: BoPeDo might include interactive elements in its stories, like choices that affect the direction of the narrative, providing a more immersive experience.

    5. Wide Range of Genres: BoPeDo offers a variety of genres and themes, allowing users to choose stories that match their specific interests.

    6. Integration of Illustrations: BoPeDo incorporates A.I. generated illustrations into the stories, enhancing the visual appeal, especially for children’s stories.

    7. Ease of Use: The app or website is designed with ease of use in mind, making it straightforward for users to create, personalize, and download stories.

    8. Educational Elements: For children’s stories, BoPeDo might include educational aspects that contribute to the learning experience of children.


    These features make BoPeDo a versatile and user-friendly platform for a wide range of users looking for unique, personalized reading experiences.

    According to Googles Bard/Gemini;

    There are several reasons why someone might choose to use an AI story generator app like Bopedo over directly interacting with large language models like Bard or ChatGPT.

    Ease of Use: Bopedo and similar apps provide a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating stories. They offer a range of customization options, allowing users to specify the genre, length, characters, and plot elements of their desired story. This hands-on approach streamlines the storytelling experience and eliminates the need for extensive dialogue with a large language model.

    Control and Customization: Unlike simply asking a large language model to write a story, Bopedo empowers users with greater control over the narrative’s direction. They can fine-tune settings, introduce specific details, and guide the AI’s creative process. This personalized approach ensures that the generated story aligns with the user’s preferences and expectations.

    Creativity and Inspiration: Bopedo serves as a creative catalyst, sparking ideas and inspiring newfound storytelling avenues. By providing a framework and suggesting prompts, it helps users overcome writer’s block and explore fresh narrative concepts. This can lead to more original and captivating stories that might not have emerged otherwise.

    Specific Use Cases: Bopedo and similar apps cater to various user groups with distinct needs. For instance, they can be valuable tools for:

    • Children’s Literacy Development: Kids can engage with interactive storytelling, enhancing their vocabulary, grammar, and creative writing skills.
    • Writers’ Inspiration and Story Generation: Authors can utilize these tools to generate ideas, expand their writing repertoire, and refine their storytelling techniques.
    • Creative Professionals’ Idea Generation: Marketers, designers, and filmmakers can leverage these apps to brainstorm concepts, develop compelling narratives, and enhance their creative projects.


    Ultimately, the choice between using Bopedo or directly interacting with large language models depends on the user’s preferences and the specific needs of the storytelling endeavor. If simplicity, control, and inspiration are priorities, then Bopedo offers a user-friendly and effective approach to narrative creation.

    According to Bing Copilot;

    BoPeDo, the most innovative and versatile story generator app, stands out from other apps in several ways. Let’s take a look at what makes BoPeDo so special:

    Personalized content: BoPeDo allows users to personalize stories based on their own preferences, experiences or personal data. This means that each story can be unique and tailored specifically to the reader.

    Diverse story ideas: BoPeDo offers an extensive collection of prompts, themes and plot generators that will fuel your creative fire. Whether you like romance, science fiction, fantasy or mystery, you’ll always find something to spark your imagination.

    Export and share: After you create your masterpiece, you can export your story in different formats, share it with friends or even publish it online.

    Physical personalized books: BoPeDo even offers the ability to purchase physical personalized books. 

    In short, BoPeDo is not only a story generator, but also a creative companion that feeds your imagination and helps you create unique stories.

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