There will be 2 versions of BoPeDo. A version for adults and a version for children.

For this “mixumup” story of Belle (beauty and the beast) and Sindbad the sailor, we chose a story for ages 12 and up and the genre of romance.

And because we do not know your name, we have not personalized it. But of course that will be possible. How great would it be if you yourself had been given a leading role in this story? 


“The Beauty of the Seven Seas”

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Sinbad from 1001 Arabian nights and Belle from Belle and the beast

Chapter 1: The Call of Adventure

Sinbad, the intrepid sailor known for his daring voyages and fearless spirit, was once again at the helm of his trusty ship, the ‘Seafarer’, traversing the vast expanse of the open sea. His heart, ever yearning for the thrill of exploration and the allure of hidden treasures, led him on a quest to uncharted waters, far from the familiar shores of civilization.

One stormy night, as the ship battled against the tempestuous waves, a sudden squall swept it off course, carrying it towards an unknown island shrouded in mist. Curiosity piqued, Sinbad ordered the ship to anchor, eager to unravel the secrets that this mysterious land held.

As the first rays of dawn pierced the veil of mist, revealing the island’s verdant beauty, Sinbad disembarked, his adventurous spirit ignited. The lush vegetation, the towering trees, and the exotic sounds of unfamiliar creatures filled him with anticipation.

Chapter 2: A Meeting of Fate

Venturing deeper into the island’s interior, Sinbad stumbled upon a clearing, where he encountered a sight that took his breath away. Standing beneath the shade of an ancient oak tree was a woman of unparalleled beauty, her raven hair cascading down her shoulders, her eyes sparkling with an intelligence that rivaled the stars.

This was Belle, a woman of exceptional spirit, not only enchanting in her appearance but also wise and knowledgeable about the island’s hidden treasures and perilous dangers. As Sinbad learned more about her, he felt a spark ignite within his heart, a connection that transcended mere attraction.

Belle and sindbad the beast

Chapter 3: A Treasure Unveiled

Belle shared with Sinbad the legend of a hidden cave deep within the mountains, rumored to hold a treasure so vast that it could rival the riches of Alibaba’s Forty Thieves. Sinbad, his adventurous spirit ignited, was immediately captivated by the prospect of discovering such a treasure.

Together, Sinbad and Belle embarked on a perilous journey to the cave, their hearts filled with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Along the way, they faced treacherous terrain, daunting obstacles, and the ever-present threat of wild beasts and booby traps set by the thieves guarding the treasure.

Chapter 4: A Clash of Wills

As they neared the cave, Sinbad and Belle were ambushed by Alibaba and his gang of thieves, who had disguised themselves as the guardians of the treasure. Sinbad and Alibaba, their eyes set on the riches that lay within the cave, clashed in a fierce battle, each determined to claim the treasure for themselves.

In the midst of the chaos, Belle emerged, her voice echoing through the mountains, pleading with them to cease their fighting and work together to uncover the treasure. She reminded them that true wealth lay not in material possessions but in the bonds of friendship and compassion.

Chapter 5: A Unifying Force

Moved by Belle’s words and touched by her genuine concern for their well-being, Sinbad and Alibaba put aside their differences and agreed to cooperate. Together, they devised a plan to enter the cave, overcome the challenges that lay within, and claim the treasure in a fair and just manner.

With Belle’s guidance and their combined strength and wit, Sinbad and Alibaba navigated the treacherous paths, defused the booby traps, and faced the guardians of the cave. After many trials and perilous encounters, they finally reached the heart of the cave, where they discovered a treasure that surpassed their wildest imaginations.

Chapter 6: A Legacy of Kindness

Faced with an abundance of gold and jewels that could have made them immensely wealthy, Sinbad, Alibaba, and Belle decided to share the treasure with the less fortunate in their land. They used their newfound wealth to build schools, hospitals, and orphanages, providing much-needed aid to those in need.

Their selfless act of generosity transformed them into revered heroes and philanthropists, their names etched in the annals of history as symbols of compassion and altruism. Their story became a beacon of hope, inspiring generations to come to embrace the power of unity and the importance of sharing one’s blessings with others.

Chapter 7: A Love that Endures

Throughout their shared adventures and acts of kindness, Sinbad and Belle’s bond deepened, their love blossoming amidst the challenges they faced together. They found solace and strength in each other’s presence, their hearts intertwined like the roots of ancient trees.

As they settled into their new life, filled with purpose and fulfillment, Sinbad and Belle remained inseparable, their love enduring the test of time. They lived happily ever after, their story a testament to the transformative power of adventure, compassion, and the unwavering strength of love.

belle and sindbad overlooking the see