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The best, most fun and most comprehensive AI stories generator for young and young at heart.

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Get the BoPeDo app for customized - personalized downloadable books on the app store

Kids Version

Get the BoPeDo app for customized - personalized downloadable books on google Play

Kids Version(a.s.a.p.)

Get the BoPeDo app for customized - personalized downloadable books on the app store

Adult version

Get the BoPeDo app for customized - personalized downloadable books on google Play

Adult version

The Magic of Books – The Fantasy of Reading – Explore a world of wonder

BEST GIFT EVER! Download your customized (children’s) books. Because every one deserves to read.
Downloadable customized / personalized books. Get the ios or android app or checkout the bopedo web app.

    • FUN

    "A book a day expands your mind, enriches your soul and keeps the boredom away."

    The test app is version 1.00 1.03 1.05 1.06 We are currently working on the future with the next update(s).

    Soon our app will be available for creating and downloading custom (personalized) books. With image, sound, augmented reality, convert to animation video and much more. Check the planning here

    Test the (basic/start) web version here and let us know what you think. ([email protected])

    Play the lead role in your own story for. So much fun.


    * We recommend that users, especially minors, always be supervised by an adult while using BoPeDo.

    BoPeDo strives to avoid generating or providing access to explicit and violent content.
    However, please note that all stories produced by BoPeDo are generated by artificial intelligence algorithms based on the user's input, and we cannot guarantee the specific content that may be generated.

    While we implement measures to prevent the creation of stories containing sexual or violent elements, there is a possibility that some content may inadvertently include such themes.

    BoPeDo holds no responsibility for the stories generated, as they are solely the result of the artificial intelligence system interpreting the user's input.

    We are committed to ensuring a safe and positive user experience. If you come across any inappropriate content while using BoPeDo, please report it to us immediately so that we can take appropriate action.

    Schedule and plans;

    Description and features:

    Introducing BoPeDo, the most innovative and versatile story generator app that empowers your imagination and creativity like never before. Whether you're an aspiring writer, a creative storyteller, or just someone looking for a fun and inspiring way to pass the time, Bopedo has you covered.

      November 2023

      Basic FREE app and Key Features;

      APP: Web app ready, upload android app to Google play

      Endless Story Ideas: Say goodbye to writer's block, or create bedtime stories (together with your child). Bopedo offers a vast and diverse collection of prompts, themes, and plot generators that will fuel your creative fire. Whether you're into romance, science fiction, fantasy, or mystery, you'll find something to spark your imagination.

      Export and Share: Once you've created your masterpiece, export your story in various formats, share it with friends, or even publish it online.

      December 2023

      APP: upload ios to App Store

      APP: account creation and lost password recovery

      Januari 2024

      APP: Define App Language. (Stories can already be created in all languages, the app is currently only in English)

      Images: Add automatically generated images to the story using Dall-e and/or other A.I. image generator software.

      Offline Mode: Don't worry about losing your creative flow when you're away from Wi-Fi. Bopedo works offline so you can write anywhere, anytime.

      User-Friendly Interface: The app's intuitive design makes it accessible for writers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned authors.

      Februari 2024

      APP: Not one title picture but several pictures accompanying the different chapters

      APP: Read aloud feature

      APP: Page cover sound or chime at a new page or chapter

      APP: Initially, during basic development and for investors/testers, the app is free. After that, new users (not the testers and investors) can test the app for free with a few stories. But the app will be available for rent for a reasonable amount (to be determined we believe/hope arround 9.99 p/mnth) with a monthly subscription.

      March 2024

      Character/avatar: Create multiple default characters. For example: Character number 1 (the main character/user of the app) Name: Samir. Born: 10-11-2018. Hair color: black Hair style: curly. Eye color: brown. Skin color: caramel. And so on for several characters that should appear regularly (as a choice option) in the stories. For example character number 2 is mom, character number 3 is daddy etc.

      Support: Chat/Videochat support: including takeover by support agent in case of no possible response from ai support.

      Marketing: OFFLINE MARKETING, ASO (App Search engine Optimization) & SEO (Search engine optimization)

      Amazone: Complementing the ability to share through familiar social media channels, create your own stories and sell them on platforms such as Amazon.

      Classic Fairy Tales : BoPeDo, will be adding classic fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, and 1001 Nights to its library. The fairy tales will be personalized to the user, with the reader's name and other personal details incorporated into the story. And with the read-aloud feature, users (ambassadors) can listen to the stories being read to them.  We are excited to add these classic fairy tales to BoPeDo, These stories are beloved by people of all ages, and we believe that our personalization and read-aloud features will make them even more enjoyable

      April 2024

      Payed version starts now with;

      Voice control: instead of typing the answers/input, just tell it what to type (speech controlled)?

      Writing Prompts: For those moments when you just need a little nudge to get started, Bopedo provides daily writing prompts to kickstart your creativity.

      World Building: If your story needs an intricate and immersive world, our world-building tools can help you create rich settings, complete with images.

      Customizable Elements: Tailor your story prompts to suit your preferences. Choose character types, settings, and even specific story themes to match your creative vision.

      Character Development: Dive deeper into your characters' lives with our character profile generator. Create well-rounded, relatable characters with unique backstories and motivations.

      Dynamic Plotlines: Craft engaging plotlines with our intuitive plot generator. You can select plot twists, conflicts, and resolutions to keep your readers hooked from the first page to the last.

      Interactive Storytelling: Turn storytelling into a fun game with interactive elements. Let your audience make choices that affect the story's outcome, making each reading unique.

      Because of the innovative latest AI technologies, voice-activated input and the read-aloud feature, BoPeDo is accessible to everyone, regardless of any physical or cognitive limitations.

      May 2024

      Animation: Turn your story into an animation video. (And share on Tik Tok and other media)

      Collaborative Writing: Shared story creation. Invite friends or fellow writers to collaborate on a story. Shared story creation Each person can add their own twist, building a truly dynamic narrative.  Starting with all creators giving their own input about themselves (name, age, gender, hometown, country etc) and will appear in the story. Everyone one, after the other, creates a piece of text for a page, based on prompts (questions ai asks). All the pages together finally become a complete book.

      Mixumup: Mix stories for fun. Have Belle and the beast meet the little mermaid, or Hans and Gretel make friends with little dumpling. Or have the 40 robbers from One Thousand and One Nights go on a journey with Sinbad the sailor. (check this out)

      June 2024 ++

      Physical books: as currently available to order on websites like our website boekmetnaam.nl, will be added to the app allowing people to order these physical books as well. For this we make arrangements with printers in different countries. (Possible countries are added per appointment to the app)

      Coloring Book: The personalized children's book ".... brings color into the world," as a digital coloring book and story, where pictures can be colored in on tablet or phone.

      Colleagues: Personalized books from colleagues at boekmetnaam.nl, worldwide, can be added to the app. Colleagues can thus take advantage of the app and the global market, while consumers can order a wide variety of personalized books, both digital and physical.

      Cover creator: Create Dall-e based covers so that multiple stories can be placed together bound in a cover so that it can also be printed as a physical book.

      Combine chat gpt with Bard (The best of both worlds) and other AI generators: Integrate Bard (and other a.i. models) to improve and check ChatGPT's stories for grammar and spelling and to make the stories more interesting and engaging. Use Bard to generate new stories that chat GPT has not yet used. For example, using an additional prompt such as; "A story about a robot falling in love with a human. Using Bard to help users with their own stories by, for example, asking a question such as; "How can I write a character description?"

      Bacup and Restore: Save your work with our backup/restore system


      So much more then just a story generator app: We have so many great ideas. This app will be awsome;

      • Healthcare robots: We want to add boPeDo to healthcare robots. With this, elderly and perhaps demented individuals, can listen to stories read by BoPeDoBot and time is spent in an amazing and fun way.
      • Educational: Bopedo Should Not only be a very fun intuitive to use simple story generator.
        We also want it to be educational. We want to stimulate the imagination and creativity of adults and children, as well as use A.I. to play reading and math games. Both for children and for low literacy and illiteracy.
      • Personalized learning experiences: AI can be used to personalize learning games. This can be done by adapting the games to the child's learning level, learning style and interests.
      • Adaptive learning experiences: AI can be used to make learning games adaptive. This means that the games adapt to progress. For example, if the child answers a question correctly, the game can ask a more difficult question. If the child answers a question incorrectly, the game can ask an easier question.
      • Gamification: AI will be used to gamify learning games. This means the games incorporate elements of games, such as points, levels and rewards. This can help children become more engaged in the learning process.

      By developing learning games that are both fun and educational, you can use Bopedo in the future to make a positive impact on society and the environment.

      BoPeDo stands for socially responsible, sustainable, ethical entrepreneurship. CSR+ Become part of our club, our social society, be a member. You are not just a user of a wonderful app, but you will become an Ambassador of Change. Change the world and start with BoPeDo.

      Keep mee posted. I want to know about updates.


      Pitch & Build slides, for our programmers, marketing staff, web builders, investors and anyone else who is interested.


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