Our Valued Bopedo Ambassadors

We are incredibly grateful for your unwavering support and dedication to our mission of making a positive impact on the world. Your active involvement in using our app is instrumental in our efforts to reach children in need and make their lives better.

We call you our “ambassadors of change” because you are the driving force behind our progress. Your engagement with the app helps us to gather valuable insights and feedback that we can use to refine our approach and make a more meaningful impact.

Your voices are essential to us, and we want to hear your thoughts on how we can further improve the Bopedo experience. Please take a moment to share your suggestions and ideas for how we can make the app even more engaging, helpful, and impactful for children and their families.

Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of others and create a brighter future for all.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Let me share my thoughts on the BoPeDo app;


Received thoughts

1 –

I miss a title above the stories that are made. It also becomes more organized in the library if there is a title under the picture instead of a story instead of the first sentence of the story.

2 –

I find that physical books offer a unique advantage when it comes to gift-giving.

Here’s why:

  • Personal Touch: Receiving a physical book delivered in our name, like those we buy from “boekmetnaam.nl”, allows for a more personal and tangible gift experience. We can add a dedication to the book, wrap it beautifully, and create a memorable moment for the child. This emotional connection is often missing with an app gift.
  • Longevity: A physical book remains a constant reminder of the gift and the giver. Even after years, the child can revisit the story and cherish the memory. Digital gifts, especially apps with subscription models, can fade with time or require ongoing payments, potentially losing their sentimental value. Or the story all together.
  • Gift Presentation: The ability to present a physical book with festive packaging and personalization adds to the excitement and joy of receiving a gift. The app, unless presented with additional effort, lacks this physical aspect of gift-giving.

I understand the benefits of digital accessibility offered by the app. However, if Bopedo truly wants to compete in the gifting space, some improvements might be considered in regards to making it more of a gift and dedication.

3 –

Your thought?

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